Make the Suckers Pay!

Posted by Sherrie Toliver on

I had a law professor who was a retired attorney from New York.  One of his famous sayings was "Make the suckers pay!"  Although the saying sounds a bit rough, his sentiment was heartfelt.  He believed that accountants did not charge for their services what they were really worth in comparison to attorneys.

According to the Census Bureau, more than 4.4 million new businesses were created in the United States during 2020, (Salesforce, June 29, 2021)  These new businesses are going to need accountants to analyze, collect, compile and evaluate their financial data.  Whether you are engaged as a consultant or hired as an employee, make sure that you know your worth.  Organizations such as Robert Half ( and the Department of Labor ( issue annual salary surveys for accountants.  Using tools such as these provides a great start in determining what your services are worth given the location, industry and organization size.  Negotiate your salary or fees with confidence.  Remember...businesses need us.  Make the suckers pay!